What fireworks are legal to buy, use in Delaware for Fourth of July

2022-06-25 05:24:32 By : Mr. Nick liu

Are you ready to kick the Fourth of July off with a bang? Well, first make sure it’s a legal one. 

As the holiday weekend inches closer and you begin to browse for fireworks, it’s worth noting that not all types of fireworks are allowed in the state.  

In Delaware, sparklers, ground-based displays and a selection of other nonairborne, nonexplosive novelty items regulated by the federal government are allowed to be sold and used.  

These firework types can be purchased by a person 18 or over between June 4 and July 4; and Dec. 1 and Jan 1. Although there are month-long purchase periods, the Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal stressed that permitted types of fireworks may only be used on July 4, Dec. 31 and Jan 1.  

Razzle Dazzlers, Proud Eagles and Patriot Paks are among the OK’d fireworks selection.  

Illegal fireworks for civilians to possess and use include bottle rockets, firecrackers or fire balloons, aerials like Roman candles and any other device that explodes or shoots into the air, according to the fireworks chapter of Delaware’s health and safety code.  

Not only are these fireworks not sold in Delaware, but it is also illegal to purchase them across state lines and bring them back to Delaware to set off.  

All in-state fireworks shows that are held to celebrate Independence Day are controlled events with permitted displays.  

Firework misuse or illegal possession are misdemeanors that can result in a fine between $25 and $100.

Any injuries or damages caused by firework use can result in felony charges.  

The State Fire Marshall reserves the right to confiscate all explosives or fireworks found to be illegally stored within Delaware. 

Any other use of fireworks by a company or association is reliant on a permit detailing who is igniting the display and where, and the permit application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. 

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