Holy smokes! Couple set themselves alight during wedding ceremony

2022-05-19 09:20:10 By : Ms. Anna Zhong

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Who needs wedding sparklers when you can have full-blown flames? A young couple brought this question to life when they decided to set themselves alight during their wedding ceremony. The couple, who are stunt doubles on various TV shows, decided that the best way to end their ceremony was by doing something that they love – a stunt.

42-year-old Gabe Jessop and his now-wife Ambyr have gone viral after they decided to set themselves alight at their wedding ceremony.

The couple work as stunt doubles on shows like “Yellowstone” and “Hereditary” and are no strangers to dangerous stunts and tricks.

And so they decided to pay homage to their career by doing a crazy stunt – which is pretty fitting if you think about it.

The stunt ended in both of them being doused with a fire extinguisher by one of the guests who appears to have thoroughly enjoyed the big show.

♬ He’s a Pirate & Jack Sparrow (From “Pirates of the Caribbean”) – David Solís

The video of them running while on fire and dressed in their wedding clothes has been viewed millions of times on TikTok as many express their disbelief.

The clip was shared by the couple’s videographer Russ Powell on 11 May this year.

While some commended them for making their wedding fun and exciting, others remarked that weddings have become too much of a way to show off.

Here are some of their comments:@johnny_shain07 said:

“I’m getting mad hunger games vibes from this”

“Marriage is nothing but a show, just temporary entertainment”

“I was mad until I saw the fire extinguisher. Thank you for doing this responsibly”

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